Lil Pump and Anuel, or embarrassment and carelessness made a song

Musically speaking, Anuel AA and Lil Pump (who, by the way, has not retired as announced), They are the maximum exponents of a phenomenon that is not new, but that in 2020 is reaching unexplored heights: the art of selling records without being musicians. Call music to the new single by Anuel AA and Lil Pump, Illuminati, it would be like calling a movie that horrible joke about a millionaire with no idea of ​​cinema called the room, of which making of James Franco at least scored the decent The Disaster artist. The musical careers of Anuel AA and Lil Pump are like those of the director of The room: so poor that they only have money. Welcome to the lowest hours of reggaeton and rap.

Illuminati: translation (from English, and also from Spanish)

Anuel AA and Lil Pump

Anuel AA and Lil Pump, greatest exponents of current musical trifles

Royal to death, did you hear, motherfucker? (Brr, brr)
royal to death
brr (Lil pump), hehe (hehe)
The untouchables', did you hear, lambebicho?
Anuel, oh! (Skrtoops)
Dressed in black, Freemason
And the glopeta chi'pea with the mask 'e Jason (Brr)

The 'comb' on the leash
And taking care of the 'of the FURA and the DEA (Amen)
And we lay you down in the bre'a (Ah?)
The 47 are fast as varea (Chyeah)
And we'll kill you 'wherever it may be and we've been 'a hundred years', you bastard
Here nobody jokes (Lil pump)

In the midst of the global epidemic of Coronavirus, Anuel AA y Lil pump They present us with a song in which, as happens in 100% of their catalogue, they brag about money, weapons, women and cars. Without desire, minimal effort, an annoying chorus and an Anuel who, as usual, we can't explain how no one can be willing to listen for pleasure. He has an AK 47 and is the baddest in the neighborhood. When are you going to tell us something new?

La collaborate of Anuel AA and Lil Pump doesn't even come close to BABY, by Anuel AA with Tekahsi 6ix9ine. Look at the time that reggaeton singer Anuel AA spends telling us that he has a Quad and a red Ferrari (wow! Red?), has free sex with prostitutes and that he is paid half a million dollars per performance (false, by the way):

To' red the Ferrari (Skrrt)
And all of this prepaid fuck me for free (Ah)
Illuminati (Illuminati, prr)
Illuminati, Illuminati, Illuminati (Illuminati)
To' red the Polaris (Polaris)
And I charge four hundred and five hundred per party (Brr, haha)
Illuminati (Oh, yo)
Illuminati, Illuminati, Illuminati (Illuminati)
To' red the Ferrari (Skrrt)
And all of this prepaid fuck me for free (Oops)
Illuminati (Illuminati, prr)
Illumi, Illumi, Illuminati (Amen)
To' red the Polaris (Polaris, brr)
And I charge four hundred and five hundred per party (Haha! prr)

Illuminati it's unclassifiable garbage

Anuel AA and Lil Pump

Bad Bunny with Anuel AA and Lil Pump

Someone has to say it. Sometimes the game of license taken by rappers and ragpickers goes too far. Illuminati It is what happens when the absence of talent is combined with the rush, the hunger for hits and nothing by message. Illuminati it's what happens when a label is convinced that the title of the song will be enough to pique people's interest.

That was what happened with rubbish of similar ilk I love it, from Kanye West & Lil Pump and many collaborations with people like Karol G, Tekashi 6ix9ine, Becky G, Ñengo Flow, Nicky Jam or Natti Natasha. He tries to strain us any garbage.

And no. We will not go through there. As much as Anuel AA was arrested with three pistols stuck inside the Honda Accord (it looks like he had the Ferrari in the workshop), talking about cartels and cutting cocaine is very important to the Puerto Rican:

We'll turn on the poster
And we'll make you the wedding, bastard, with death (Ah)
And Lucifer is going to look for you
But you go to the morgue, bastard, to cook you (Haha)
Twenty kilo 'and tecata (Tecata)
And we have the route with the stewardess (with the stewardess)
Buttstock extension (Buttstock)
And we'll give you a jumpazo and we'll make you dance bachata (Brr!)
The 'kilo', the 'cut' and the 'stick'

The bullets are reed and they are Hollow
I crowned like Pablo and Gonzalo (Haha)
And from Gucci I never point (Ah)
And I'm a devil, and I'm a devil
And in the Billboards, I am a king (King)
And I'm a millionaire and I'm untouchable, son of a bitch, like Gucci Mane (Gucci Mane, brr)

It's so ridiculous that it defines itself.

Lil Pump & Anuel: a disappointing collaboration

The best part comes when, after two minutes into the song, Lil Pump finally gets around to saying something (besides rhyming Illuminatti with Bugatti). So that you can see to what extent it is evident that nobody wanted to do this song, we translate the only intervention of Lil Pumo (the biggest lie in the world of rap):

Illuminati (Ooh)
Might wake up tomorrow and buy a Bugatti (Bugatti)
Illuminati (Yeah, sheesh)
Swervin' in 'Rari while I'm on an Oxy (Brr)
Two twin hoes in the lobby (In the lobby), ooh
Sorry, bitch, I don't say sorry (Uh-uh, yeah)
Fucked on that bitch from the UK
I put her on molly, now she act retarded (Damn)
Illuminati make a bitch go crazy (Go crazy)

And it continues:

I don't know which one of these is my baby (Uh)
Bust down AP cost 180 (Bust down)
Thirty-five bullets to your head like KD (Doo-doo, doo-doo)
Bust it, bust it, bitch, gon' bust it (Go bust it, brr)
And I have ten pints with me in Russia (Goddamn)
You don't wanna fuck me? Fuck on my cousin (On my cousin)
Illuminati, bitch, I'm on my fuck shit (Ooh, brr)

Illuminati, tomorrow I may wake up and buy a Bugatti
Racing in a Ferrari while I'm on Oxycodine
Two twin whores in the waiting room
I'm sorry bitch, I don't say sorry
I fucked that whore from the UK
I put her on MDMA and now she behaves like a moron
Illuminati, I make a bitch go crazy
I don't know which one of these is my baby
Bust Down AP (watch) that cost me $180.000
35 bullets in your head like KD
Go, go, go bitch go
And I have ten pints with me in Russia
Don't you want to fuck me? Fuck my cousin.

the letter of Illuminati is unintentionally good: it sums up better than anything and no one the absurd free-for-all circus that some record labels are up for. And not a few listeners. The video of Illuminati It already has eight million viewers in just three days. This is the problem: if the people want garbage, garbage is what they will be given.

Seriously, we need this to stop.

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