White Tiger: Characteristics, feeding, Habitat and more

The white tiger or albino tiger, a quite striking animal due to its coloration, it is a very attractive animal and this is due to the combination of genes that is carried out to give it these characteristics, but do not worry, you have come to the right place where you will know what most outstanding of it and thus have an idea of ​​this magnificent animal.

White Tiger

What is it?

This is an animal descended from those tigers whose gene is not the traditional one of these. This gene ensures that his skin looks this wonderful tone, all the orange pigmentation that it has has been eliminated and even so its black stripes have been maintained. This is a genetic phenomenon that occurs when the tiger receives two portions of this recessive gene in its DNA. For this reason, his pink nose, completely white skin and blue eyes also originate.

It is said that it comes from the bengal tiger, that's why some call it White Bengal Tiger, it is considered a treasure in India and is not very different from the traditional tiger, it is only a result that occurs when a tiger with a certain gene is combined with another that has the same genetic code that is different from the traditional one. This makes the appearance look so striking since, by combining the white color with its black stripes, the result is visually attractive.


To know the white tiger characteristics, we invite you to read the following summary below:

  • Their skin is not entirely white, part of their skin is gray or brown, and most of these tigers have blue eyes.
  • Without taking into account the length of its tail, this tiger easily measures about 2 meters, with its length its total measurement exceeds 3 meters.
  • The average weight of the white tiger is 180 to 230 kg, this applies to the male while the female weighs 140 to 180 kg.
  • The life span of this is 10 to 12 years for the male and the female can live up to 16 years.
  • Due to these genes that alter its color, there are some cases where this tiger is completely white and is given the name of Snow White. There are other predators that might interest you, Shark characteristics They will surely be to your liking.

Where does the white tiger live?

Este albino bengal tiger It has its habitat in the southeast part of Asia, also in India, especially the South and Center of this country. It prefers to settle in those places where the vegetation is denser and there is water in large quantities. Mangroves, humid jungles and forests are the places where the white tiger is located to live. Over the years, this tiger has been transported to other parts of the world, where it is kept in zoos under strong captivity.

How does this tiger feed?

The feeding process of the white tiger is quite varied, it is a carnivorous animal and usually eats large mammals, such as pigs, wild boars, cows and deer, but in times when these are scarce it can feed on any animal it can hunt, even if it gets a chance to devour human flesh it will too. In difficult times, it feeds on animals such as monkeys, frogs, bears, fish, small elephants, among others.

To feed, he hunts completely alone. Whether male or female, they both know how to hunt very well. The White Bengal Tiger he does almost all his activities alone, although it is normal on certain occasions when he goes to travel to see him do this in quite small groups of tigers. Almost all of its actions are carried out at night, being stealthy and acting slowly in the dark guarantees great success when hunting because it camouflages itself and its victims cannot detect it.

The monkey is another of the animals that also arouses a lot of attraction in people, in fact it shares the same jungle as the white tiger, the jumpsuit features They will surely attract your attention and thus you will be able to complement your knowledge with both animals that share the same ecosystem.

reproduction process

The reproduction of the white tiger begins when it is 5 years old, in the case of females it is a little faster and this occurs when they reach the age of approximately 3 and a half years. There is no specific time of the year to reproduce, but the time where they mostly do it is from November to April, the pregnancy of the white tiger goes from 104 to 106 days maximum and for each litter between 2 and 3 tigers are born weighing about 3kg each.

To initiate their mating, they begin by smelling each other, then they rub together and that is when they give rise to the sexual act. It is the most common mating process of the white tiger. When the tiger is pregnant this period lasts a maximum of 16 weeks, before the time of delivery arrives she gets a shelter and when she gives birth to her young, they are totally dependent on their mother because they do not have sight until about 14 days later and are breastfed for at least 1 month.

White Tiger

Danger of extinction?

Yes, this species is currently in danger of extinction, there are a maximum of 210 white tigers on the entire planet and it is unfortunate to say that the main threat to its extinction is man. This has been in charge of hunting it mercilessly to traffic its skin on the black market since the white tiger is very valuable in the underworld. Others do not kill them to hunt them, they do it to protect their cattle since it is well known that this tiger will devour him whole if he has a chance.

Now the call is to society, it is not fair that animals are smuggled, while the white tiger is in its habitat, the human species will not be threatened. Let's respect the right to life of this animal as long as it is not a threat to us.

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